Monday, July 6, 2009


नमस्कार दोस्तों,

में निखिल सबलानिया, 'चेकमेट' फ़िल्म का लेखक, निर्माता और निर्देशक, आप सभी का यहाँ स्वागत करता हूं, एवं आप सभी के साथ अपने फ़िल्म से जुड़े अनुभवों को बांटना चाहता हूं । मुझे आशा हें की आप सभी मेरा यह निवेदन स्वीकार करेंगे और मुझे अपने अनुभवों को आपके सम्मुख प्रस्तुत करने का एक छोटा सा अवसर प्रदान करेंगे .


I am Nikhil Sablania, Writer, producer and director of the film Checkmate. I invite all of you as my friends to share my experience as a filmmaker and I hope that you give me a chance to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you.

Cast: Yshika Nagpal, Vikas Katiyal & Vishal Mundra
Producer, Writer & Director: Nikhil Sablania
Cinematographer: Sushil Gautam
Editor: Shashikant
Audoigrapher: Rajender Prasad
Associate Director: Sudhir Raut
Chief Assistant Director: Rai Kishori
Assistant Cinematographer: Digant Gautam
Company: Cowdung Films


  1. wow i saw the trailer its really looking good .

  2. That's simply great Prakashji. Keep it up.

  3. That's simply great. How are you doing, Prakashji ?

  4. Hi Nikhil this is Ravi. What about this surprise yaar? When ur film is releasing ?

  5. I am fine dear. What about u? Course finished? How is ur diploma? Who r direct., cinemato., edit.?

  6. Good one ...
    best of luck..

  7. when its releasing dear?

  8. great going bro, u finally did it. I am really looking forward for this .........Vikas

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  10. I am looking for a release this year, but it is really painful task for a first filmmaker and if u make some thoughtful film in Bollywood. Here simply neither people think nor wanted to think. I hope I will get someone who thinks that audiences thinks.

  11. The poster looks highly impressive. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

  12. Great...Way to go buddy.. eagerly waiting for the release & trailor.. keep us posted.

  13. Great!! Way to go buddy...
    Looking forward for the release & trailor..
    Keep us posted

    -Ravi M

  14. HI, Nikhil Well i think you have done some course recently related to films, definately it is your ambition than thats why you did it and now you are launching your film.
    Lucky guy you are about to convert your dream in to reality, Buddy i am trying my 100% to get into this field since 1 year. however god has given me 6ft of height attractive face and many other good things in me according to others but than also didnt get any thing out of it. anyways if you got any role please give me a call for auditioning me might i am suitable for it, on the other side you will get the cast and i will get some explosure which you also know is not easy to get, you must have faced the same if you were not financially strong. once again best wishes for your film i pray it gets succeed.
    Vishaal 9873647121

  15. Hi Vishaal,

    Its dreams r God's Gift and respect ur dreams, respect gifts, love them - love God. Sure dear, I also want to work with people of ur enery and it will be a really great fun. Just mail me ur pic at Where do u stay? How is this poster?


First look of the production stills