Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Checkmate' film shooting completed


Poster of upcoming Hindi film Checkmate | Photo 03

Poster of upcoming Hindi film Checkmate | Photo 03

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9 September 2009, New Delhi, India. Delhi is fast becoming a hub of filmmakers these days with more and more film shootings happening in the capital. Recently "Checkmate" starring Vikas Katyal & Yashika Nagpal has completed its shooting in Delhi. The film was shot in the outskirts of Delhi in places like Rohini. ‘Checkmate’ is the story of love versus materialism. The film deals with the psyche of today's Indian youth..

"While writing this film, I avoided clichés and the conventional


movie directed by Nikhil Sablania

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movie directed by Nikhil Sablania

way of writing a film screenplay- writing a story first and then writing the screenplay. I wrote the whole film's screenplay straight away without knowing the story. Like an audience, I was myself unaware of the story and its final  outcome. Wherever I felt the story taking a conventional course, I just changed its direction into an unknown territory - unknown to me as well as the characters in the film. And eventually, I discovered the story along with my characters and thus enjoyed it like an audience. The whole process was adventurous and enjoying and I hope that the audiences would also enjoy it. Also, the film has some great humor which would make the audience laugh,” says Nikhil Sablania, the film's Producer, Writer and Director.

Checkmate would be releasing next year. The film also stars Vishal Mundra in a very special role. Cinematography is done by Susheel Gautam, sound by Rajendra Prasad and editing by Shashikant. Sudhir Raut is Associate Director with Rai Kishori as Chief Assistant Director. The film is produced by Cowdung films. 

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First look of the production stills